We are a small family operated farm located in the foothills of South Mountain in Frederick County, Maryland.  We raise purebred, registered Bluefaced Leicester Sheep, California Red Sheep and Angora goats - both white and colored, alpacas and free range poultry.  All of our stock are raised as naturally and humanely as possible.  In 2013 we started using pigs for pasture renovation.    We sell fleeces from all of the fiber animals and fresh free range chicken and duck eggs to the local community. 

 We also  sell hot sauces, barbeque sauce and salsas at our local venues, along with our felted items, natural colored and hand dyed rovings and yarns.    

 Our goal for this farm is to produce fleeces and rovings that will delight the handspinner and yarns that will be a joy to work with, along with award winning breeding stock for our selected breeds.  One of a kind  needle felting sculpures and kits are also available.

All of our animals are always treated in a kind and loving manner.  Our chickens are truly free range and have access to the entire farm.  Our ducks are right out there with the chickens!  We are manage our pastures so that the animals always have access to fresh grass or quality hay. 



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MD Certificed Scrapie Free Flock MD 46

Come and see us at the following events:

Waterford Foundation Heritage Crafts School

April 1st and 2nd 2017 

Needlefelting - Basic Forms to Figures


The class will teach the basics of needle felting, with wool examples so that students can learn which wools are best for felting.

Students will also learn to create the basic forms, starting with dryer balls, then moving onto making pumpkins, then little lambies, and finishing up with standing sheep using a armature.  This class covers all the basics and you will leave with the skills to create whatever your heart desires!

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

May 6th & 7th, 2017

Look for us in the same spot as last year - Main Building, Spot C34

$5 per person entry fee